Aaron Bishop

CEO Quantum Security Alliance

Aaron Bishop is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Security Alliance.  The QSA is an organization that was formed to bring academia, industry, researchers, and US Government entities together to identify, define, collaborate, baseline, standardize and protect sovereign countries, society, and individuals from the far-reaching impacts of Quantum Computing.

Aaron brings decades of experience to bear on the challenge of Quantum Computing through QSA activities.  He currently is the CEO of Eigenspace, a non-traditional Cybersecurity company that takes a scientific approach to understanding all attributes for every Security Control.  This knowledge enables Eigenspace to enhance Cybersecurity Awareness and Resiliency to anything in the digital realm.  He is the former CISO and Chief Architect of SAIC and General Manager of the National Security Group at Microsoft.  

Aaron holds a BS from Northwestern State University and is a Certified Chief Enterprise Architect from Carnegie Mellon University.  He holds many certifications such as Professional Criminal Investigator, Cyber Threat Forensic Investigator, Social Media Intelligence Expert, Expert in Cyber Investigations, and Cyber Intelligence Investigator.

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