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Jan Goetz

CEO and Co-Founder

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Conference Day One: September 10, 2019

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

1:55 PM IQM Quantum processors

The currently available 1st generation of quantum processors faces challenges such as high error rates and low clock speeds. To overcome this issue, it is required to develop 2nd generation quantum processors based on innovative concepts that allow one to significantly speed up the clock speed of quantum processors.
IQM uses innovative approaches to build quantum processors with faster clock speed based on two novel concepts. First, we have recently developed a quantum-circuit refrigerator that can initialize qubits on a nanosecond timescale compared to several microseconds required for alternative protocols. Second, we have introduced a multi-channel readout scheme that can determine a qubit state faster and more accurate than the conventionally used dispersive readout scheme.
In the future, IQM will to combine these technologies with streamlined fabrication technology such as 3D integration and enhanced thermal management, required for the operation of these low-temperature devices.